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Meeting The 8th Pacific Rim International Congress on Advanced Materials and Processing
Symposium H. Rare Earth, Electronic, and Magnetic Materials
Presentation Title Magnetic and Structural Studies of Mn-based Permanent Magnetic Materials MnX (X=Bi, Sb, Al, Ga)
Author(s) Jinbo Yang, Jingzhi Han, Yunbo Yang, Jianzhong Wei, Guijun Lian, Yingchang Yang
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Jinbo Yang
Abstract Scope Since Mn atoms in the system of Mn-based materials can have large magnetic anisotropy and high magnetic moments (almost twice as high as Fe atoms in pure Fe metal), ternary or quaternary Mn-based compounds show potential as rare earth free hard magnetic materials with high performance and medium price. However, the knowledge of the magnetic moment formation and the mechanism of the magnetic coupling between Mn moments in Mn-based materials are very limited, preventing the exploitation of the large reservoir of ternary and quaternary Mn-based compounds in the search for novel magnetic materials. In the current study, the magnetic and structural properties of Mn-based intermetallic compoundsMnX(X=Bi,Sb,Al,Ga) have been investigated, for the goal of searching novel Mn-based materials suited for permanent magnets. We successfully produced single-phase materials of MnBi, MnAl, MnxSb and Mn2+xGa using different methods. Among them, MnBi, MnAl, and Mn-Ga show promising hard magnetic properties, and exhibit various magnetic behaviors including spin reorientation and exchange bias. The origin and modification of the magnetocrystalline anisotropy and ferromagnetism in these compounds have been explored.
Proceedings Inclusion? Definite: A CD-only volume


Advanced Magnetic Materials for Next Generation Data Storage Applications
Advances in Rare-Earth-Free Permanent Magnets
All Solid State 2-Dimensional Li Battery
Alloy Design and Powder Processing of Mn-Al Based Materials for Rare Earth Free Magnets
Bulk Anisotropic Nanocrystalline Rare-Earth Magnets
Challenge to Development of Diamond Power Devices for Saving Energy
Controllable Growth and Manipulation of Electric and Magnetic Properties of Magnetic Nanostructures
Coupling Magnetism to Electricity in Multiferroic Heterostructures
Current Research on Nd-Fe-B Sintered Magnets in Korea
Development of Permanent Magnets with Recycled Rare Earth Metals
Effects of Y2BaCuO5 Pre-form Density on Pores and Critical Current Density of Liquid Infiltration Growth Processed YBa2Cu3O7-y Bulk Superconductors
Enhancement of the Refrigerant Capacity in Partially Crystallized Gd-Fe-Al-B Melt-spun Alloys
Enhancing the Coercivity and Thermal Stability of RE2Fe14B/α-Fe Nanocomposite Alloys by Zr Addition
Ferromagnetic Strain Glass in Co Doped Ni-Mn-Ga Alloy
First Principles Calculation for Magnetic Properties of Mn Alloys
Formation of 1:13 Phase in La(Fe,Si)13 -Based Alloys
Giant Low-Field Magnetocaloric Effect with Small Hysteresis Near Room Temperature in MnFePGe Compounds
Graphene-magnetic Metal Interfaces in View of Spintronic Applications
H10: Structural, Magnetic Properties and Magnetocaloric Effect of Mn1.2Fe0.8P0.6Si0.4B1-x Compounds
H11: Upconversion Luminescence of Ho3+/Tm3+/Yb3+ Co-doped CaMoO4 Nanoparticles
H12: Morphology and Crystalline Structure of ZnO Formed by Internal Oxidation in Pd
H13: Massive Crystallization in FeSiNbBCu Alloys under Rapid Annealing Conditions
H14: Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of Ce-Nd-Fe-B Powder Prepared by Crystallization from Amorphous State
H15: Meallization from Neodymium (III) Compound by Chemical and Electrowinning Process
H16: Metal Electrode Effect on Nanocapacitor Performance
H17: Fabrication of Dense Non-circular Nanomagnetic Device Arrays Using Self-limiting Low-energy Glow-discharge Processing
H18: Optimization of Remanence Temperature Coefficient and Magnetic properties of Sintered 2:17 Type SmCo Magnets Prepared by Strip-casting Technique
H19: Recycle Rare Earth from Waste Phosphor by a Two-step Method
H1: 4 Terminal Non-local Signals in Lateral Transport Devices with Various Ordered Co2FeAl0.5Si0.5 Full-Heusler Alloy Electrodes
H20: Synthesis of Fe100-xNx Powders by Mechanical Alloying and their Characterization
H21: Synthesis of Sm-Fe-N Hard Magnets by Reactive Mechanical Milling
H2: Coercivity and Grain Boundary Microstructure in Sintered Nd-Fe-B Magnets Modified by DyF3
H3: Estimates of Diffusion Coefficient of Nd inside the Nd-Fe-B in Liquid Mg by Liquid Metal Extraction (LME) Process
H4: Fabrication and Magnetic Anisotropy of L10-FeNi Films Prepared on Metallic Single Crystal Substrates
H5: Hybrid Element of Magnetic Quantum Cellular Automata and Domain Wall Logic
H6: Preparation of Ultra-fine Nd-Fe-B Powder for Nd-Fe-B Sintered Magnet
H7: Study of Post-sintering Annealing of an N38SH Grade Sintered NdFeB Magnet with Low Oxygen Content
H8: Substoichiometric Sintering of Rare-earth Oxides
H9: Electrochemical Hydrogen Storage Kinetics of the As-melt La0.75−xMxMg0.25Ni3.2Co0.2Al0.1 (M = Zr, Pr; x = 0-0.2) Alloys Applied to Ni-MH Battery
Heredity Characters of Non-metallic Inclusions of Non-oriented Electrical Steel Treated by Rare Earth Alloy
High Anisotropy and High Electrical Resistivity Nd-Fe-B/CaF2 Composite Magnets with Laminated Structures
High Mobility and High Stability of Oxide Thin Film Transistor for Next Generation Display Applications
Hybrid Magnetic-photonic Nanostructures for Biomedical Applications
Hybrid Nanoscale Magnetic Composites
Hydrogen Storage Performances of Mg20Ni10-xMx (M=Cu, Co, Mn; x=0-4) Alloys Prepared by Melt Spinning
Improving the Output Power of GaN-based LEDs through Efficient Current Blocking and Injection
Influence of Thermal Treatment on Magnetocaloric Properties of Gd Cold Rolled Ribbons
Investigation of Low Melting-point Boundary Phase in Sintered (Ce,Nd)-Fe-B Magnets
Irradiation-induced Porosity in Sb-based III-V Semiconductors
Large Room Temperature Magnetoresistance in FeCo-SiN Granular Films
Magnetic and Structural Studies of Mn-based Permanent Magnetic Materials MnX (X=Bi, Sb, Al, Ga)
Magnetic Coupling and Transport Properties of Rare Earth Implanted Zinc Oxide
Magnetic Domain Structure and Morphology of Alternate Monoatomic (Fe/Ni)x Multilayer Deposited on Step-bunched Cu(001) Investigated by Photoemission Electron Microscope
Magnetic Microstructures of Novel High Performance Permanent Magnetic Materials
Magnetic Nanoclusters from Low Energy Ion Implantation
Magnetic Refrigeration a 21st Century Highly Efficient and Green Cooling Technology
Magnetocaloric Effect in Ni-Mn-Ga Heusler Alloys
Magnetoresistance Effect Using Co Based Full Heusler Electrodes
Microstructure and Coercivity of Nitrided Mn-Sn Based Alloy
Microstructure, Magnetic and Electrical Resistance of NdFeB/NdF3 Composite Magnets
MnBi Permanent Magnets via Spark Erosion
Modulation of Magnetic Properties in Flexible Magnetic Films
Modulation of Unidirectional Anisotropy for Co-based Amorphous Ribbons
Multifunctional Carbon Nanotube Composites
Nanostructured Oxide Magnetic Semiconductors for Spintronics Devices
New Issues Relating to Interfacial Reactions Arising from Low Solder Volume in 3D IC Packaging
Novel Magnetic Multilayer for High Sensitive Magnetoresistive Sensor
Quantum Transport in Single-crystalline Bi Nanowires Grown by On-Film Formation of Nanowires
Radiation Damage in GaN-Based Materials and Devices
Rare-earth Doped Semiconductors and Their Application to Novel Light-emitting Devices
Rare Earth Activated Oxides for Solid State Lighting
Rare Earth Doped Tellurite and Chalcogenide Planar Waveguide Amplifiers and Lasers
Replacing Critical Rare Earth Materials in High Energy Density Magnets
R&D Activities of Magnetic Materials in Korea
Silicon and Zirconium Co-doped SmCo7 Alloys with Enhanced Coercivity
Spin Textures in Magnetic Nanodisks with Competing Energies
Status and Preparation Technology of Rare Earth Materials
Strain Induced Ferromagnetism
Structural Characteristics of Ge-based Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor Nanostructures
Study of Ultrathin AlN Properties as a Function of Bottom Electrode Material
Study on Infrared Transmission Property of Mercury Indium Telluride Single Crystal
Surface Nano-Modification and Low-Temperature Crystallization of Si-Related Semiconductors by Soft X-Ray
Synchrotron X-ray Studies of Grain Boundary Phase in Nd-Fe-B Sintered Permanent Magnets towards High Coercive Force Performance
Synthesis and Characterization of L10-ordered FeNi Films with Large Magnetic Anisotropy
Synthesis and Characterization of Yttrium Titanate and Er Doped Yttrium Titanate Nanofibers
The Interplay between the Electronic and Magnetic Structure of Magnetic Rare-earth Nitride Semiconductors
The Pull of Stronger Magnets
Thermal Stability of HDDR-treated Nd-Fe-B-type Magnetic Powder
Thick Film Magnets for MEMS Applications
Toward the Development of Dy-free High Coercivity Nd-Fe-B Permanent Magnets
Unique Exchange Bias Induced by Antiferromagnetic Cr-oxide
ZnO-graphene Hybrid Quantum Dots Light Emitting Diode

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