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Meeting 2016 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Young Professional "Meet the Candidate" Interactive Session
Presentation Title MC-5: Physical Metallurgist with Expertise in Computational and Experimental Techniques
Author(s) Mithipati Siva Bhaskar
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Mithipati Siva Bhaskar
Abstract Scope My favourite research area is structure-property correlations at the microscopic scale. For my undergraduate research project I studied the influence of different welding techniques like GTAW, frcition-stir welding etc on the mechanical properties of Al-Li alloy weldments. My interest in metallurgy made me achieve All India 5th rank in the GATE( Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering ) exam. I have chosen to do my Masters' degree at the Indian Institute of Science which is renowned for its research culture. I studied recovery and recrystallization behaviour of A356/SiCp composites for my M.E. project. I worked in TATA STEEL as a researcher where I contributed to the development of two new steel grades. I'm currently a PhD student at the Indian Institute of Science. I am investigating the effect of differential diffusivity of solutes on the growth and coarsening behaviour of Ternary two phase alloys using phase field modelling.
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MC-5: Physical Metallurgist with Expertise in Computational and Experimental Techniques
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