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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2014
Symposium Advanced Steel Metallurgy: Products and Processing
Presentation Title Atom Probe Compositional Analysis of Nanoscale Carbide and Carbo-nitride Precipitates in Nb-Ti Micro-alloyed Steels
Author(s) Monica Kapoor, Ron O'Malley, Gregory B Thompson
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Monica Kapoor
Abstract Scope Composition of complex carbide and carbo-nitride precipitates in Ti-Nb micro-alloyed 80-ksi (0.06 wt. % Nb; 0.06 wt. % Ti) and 100-ksi (0.03 wt. % Nb; 0.12 wt. % Ti) steels was studied using atom probe tomography. Fine (~2 nm) and coarse (~8 nm) NbTiC precipitates were identified in the 100 ksi steel with the Fe content decreasing with increasing precipitate size. Both steels had coarse NbTiCN precipitates (~ 80 nm) having ~7 at. % and ~30 at. % Nb in the precipitates for the 100 ksi and 80 ksi steels respectively. Star-shaped TiC precipitates and parallel rows of interphase NbTiC clusters on and near grain boundaries were also identified in the 100 ksi steel. In the 80 ksi steels, uniformly distributed disk-shaped and spherical NbTiC clusters were observed along dislocations. The composition and phase stability of these precipitates are discussed in terms of Thermo-Calc solution thermodynamic modeling.
Proceedings Inclusion? Definite: A CD-only volume


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New AHSS in Three Distinct Classes
Numerical Analysis of Flow Behavior in Tuyere and Raceway of Oxygen Blast Furnace under Double Oxy-coal Lances Operation
Numerical Analysis of Grade Mixing and Inclusion Motion in Steelmaking Tundish during Ladle Change Process
On the Occurrence of Carbide Precipitation during Quenching & Partitioning Heat Treatments
Optimization of Oxygen Lance with Four Nozzles in 80t Converter by Numerical Simulation
Pearlite Growth Rate in Ternary Steels
Phase Transformations and Crash Performance of Mo-Nb Bearing Press Hardening Steels
Physical Simulation Study on Optimization of Nozzle Structure for Round Mould with M-EMS
Process Modeling and Simulation of EAF with Electromagnetic Stirring
Quantitative Analysis of Effect of Microstructure on Fatigue Damage Evolution in Advanced Martensite Dominated Dual Phase Steels
Quantitative Approach to Select a Heat Treater Using CQI-9 System
Quenching and Partitioning Process Development to Replace Hot Stamping of High Strength Automotive Steel
Recent Developments in Continuous Annealing Process of Advanced High Strength Steels at ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe
Reduction of Calcium Oxide in the Slag by Aluminum and Inclusion Modification
Role of Heating Conditions On Microcrack Formation In Zinc Coated 22MnB5
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The Microstructure and Properties of Ultra-high Strength Wear Resistance Steel Plate by a Novel Energy Conservation Process
The Research of Influence Alloying Elements on Processes Structure Formation in Stamp Steel
The Water Model Experiment and Verification for Optimization of 150t Ladle Bottom Blowing Argon
Thermodynamic Analysis on the Behavior of Titanium in Productions Process of 95CrMo Hollow Steel
Thermodynamic and Kinetic Aspects of the Effect of Alloying Elements on Cementite and Carbide Formation in High-strength Steels
Thermomechanical Processing of Structural Steels with Dilute Nb Additions
To Study the Formation of ε and α΄ Martensite in High Manganese Steels Via Deformation and Transformation Mode and Its Correlation with Mechanical Properties
Understanding the Precipitation Behaviour of Nb micro-alloyed Steels during Thermomechanical Processing
X-ray Micro Tomography Study of High Strength Cast Iron for Heavy-duty Engine Applications

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