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Meeting 2016 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Magnesium-based Biodegradable Implants
Presentation Title The Industrial Challenges of Manufacturing Bioabsorbable Magnesium
Author(s) Robert Thornton, Paul Lyon
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Robert Thornton
Abstract Scope Research in absorbable magnesium has become hugely popular, with groups around the world looking at bespoke biomedical alloy compositions and processing routes. However designing alloy chemistry and thermomechanical processing is only half the development process to producing a successful commercial alloy. A manufacturing route which answers the demands of the alloy’s chemistry and processing design as well as economic models and importantly risk must be created to ensure commercial viability and patient safety. During scale up operations, certain alloys which show outstanding mechanical properties were actually highly unstable during casting because of cracking issues not seen on small diameter billets. Another alloy series had very tight parameters for extrusion in order to achieve the properties including a very low extrusion ratio. This meant the economics and ability to hit dimensional specifications was incredibly difficult. This presentation details the steps taken to bring research ideas to a full industrial process.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: A combination print-CD volume


Absorbable Filament Technologies: Wire-drawing to Enable Next-generation Medical Devices
Appropriate Corrosion-FatigueTesting of Magnesium Alloys for Temporary Bio-implant Applications
Computer Simulation of the Mechanical Behaviour of Implanted Biodegradable Stents in a Remodelling Artery
Degradation of MgF2-coated and Uncoated MgNd2 Specimens in Contact with Nasal Mucosa
Fabrication, Testing and Performance of Rare Earth-containing Magnesium Biodegradable Metals
In Vitro Corrosion and Cytocompatibility Properties of Mg-2Gd-X(Ag, Ca) Alloys
Influence of Precipitation Hardening in Mg-Y-Nd on Mechanical and Corrosion Properties
Magnesium-based Compression Screws
Magnesium Powder Injection Molding (MIM) of Orthopedic Implants for Biomedical Applications
Manufacturing of Osteosynthesis Systems Made of Magnesium Alloy AZ91
Monitoring Biodegradation of Magnesium Implants with Sensors
Plasma Surface Modification of Magnesium-Based and Related Biomaterials
Standardized Guidance for the Preclinical Evaluation of Absorbable Metal Implants
The Industrial Challenges of Manufacturing Bioabsorbable Magnesium
Understanding Corrosion-assisted Cracking of Magnesium Alloys for Bioimplant Applications

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