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Meeting 2018 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Cast Shop Technology: Energy Joint Session
Presentation Title Praxair’s OPTIVIEW<sup>TM</sup> Image Analysis System for Enhanced Combustion Control on Aluminum Tilting Rotary Furnace
Author(s) Valmiro Correia Sa Neto, Joseph Maiolo, Kevin Albrecht, Bryan Bielec, Jorge Visús Pool, Joaquín de Diego Rincón, Daniel Bujeda Celma, Ignacio Parrilla Muñoz, Juan Luis Suazo Tejeda
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Valmiro Correia Sa Neto
Abstract Scope Combustion control and supplemental O<sub>2</sub> injection into aluminum tilting rotary furnaces (TRFs) are used to address periods of high volatile organic compounds (VOC) evolution in the exhaust gas/flame. Coated and oiled scraps are the typical sources of organic material that burn unpredictably over the course of the heat within the TRF. Energy losses and emissions issues are a challenge for secondary aluminum smelters. Praxair’s OPTIVIEW<sup>TM</sup> Image Analysis System automates combustion control by modulating burner fuel and oxygen rates and supplemental oxygen injection into the TRF based on real-time flame monitoring. The system minimizes the occurrence of exceedances and reduces demands on operators. This technology was successfully implemented at Aluminio la Estrella’s TRF in Spain. Key factors such as melt rate, fuel efficiency, productivity and emissions are discussed. Operational data before and after implementation were analyzed to validate the effectiveness of Praxair’s innovative solution for Al TRFs.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: Light Metals


Aluminum Melting Furnace Pressure Control
Case Study of Air Cooled Electromagnetic Stirred Melting Furnace at Hydro Henderson
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Praxair’s OPTIVIEWTM Image Analysis System for Enhanced Combustion Control on Aluminum Tilting Rotary Furnace
Productivity and Energy Efficiency Improvements at Two Reverberatory Furnaces at Alcoa, Norway
Resource Efficiency Analysis of High Pressure Die Casting Process
The Application of ALTEK Stirring Technology to a 90MT Melting Furnace at ALCOA Moesjen, Norway

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