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Meeting 2013 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Materials in Clean Power Systems VIII: Durability of Materials
Presentation Title An Alternative Low-Cost Process for Deposition of MCrAlY Bond Coats for Advanced Syngas/Hydrogen Turbine Applications
Author(s) Ying Zhang, Brian L. Bates, Jason C Witman, Joseph J. Simpson
On-Site Speaker (Planned)
Abstract Scope One of materials needs for the advancement of integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plants is to develop low-cost and effective manufacturing processes for applications of coating architectures with enhanced performance and durability in the syngas/hydrogen environments. The present study focuses on the synthesis of MCrAlY (where M = Ni, Co or a mixture of Ni and Co) bond coats via an alternative low-cost electrolytic codeposition process. As compared to the thermal spray processes, the electro-codeposition approach offers advantages such as non-line-of-sight and capability of producing dense and oxide-free coatings. Pre-alloyed CrAlY-based powders are codeposited into a metal matrix of Ni, Co or Ni-Co during the electroplating process, and a subsequent post-plating heat treatment converts it to the MCrAlY coating. The electro-codeposition parameters are being investigated to optimize the composition and microstructure of the coatings.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: A print-only volume


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