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Meeting 2014 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium High-temperature Gamma (f.c.c.) /Gamma-Prime (L12 structure) Co-Al-W Based Superalloys 2014
Presentation Title APB Energetics of Co3(Al,W) L12 γ’
Author(s) , Chris Wolverton
On-Site Speaker (Planned)
Abstract Scope With the discovery of Co-based superalloys exhibiting γ/γ’ morphologies, a flurry of research has been performed to determine their high-temperature strength and the effect of alloying on γ’ phase stability. However, fundamental properties for the base Co3(Al,W) L12 γ’ remain unknown. We have previously explored with DFT the stability of γ’ and found that at low temperatures, γ’ is a thermodynamically metastable phase. At higher temperatures, entropy-driven effects may potentially stabilize the structure. We have now performed DFT calculations on a fundamental thermodynamic quantity that influences the high-temperature yield strength anomaly, the antiphase boundary (APB) energy. The 100 and 111 APB energies are predicted for Co3(Al,W) L12 γ’ and some observations are made as to the unique nature of Co3(Al,W) L12 compared to the more commonly studied Ni3Al. We also predict the effect of a variety of solutes on APB energetics.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: A print-only volume


A Many Fold Way to Model the Thermodynamics of Co-Al-W
Alloying Effects on the Matrix-precipitate Interface Width in Co-Al-W Base Superalloys.
APB Energetics of Co3(Al,W) L12 γ’
Atomic Scale Observation of the Structure and Composition of Order/Disorder Gamma Prime/Gamma Interfaces in Cobalt-base Superalloys
B and Zr Additions as Grain Boundary Strengtheners in a Model Co-based Superalloy
Co-Al-W Superalloys, Interface Width and Dislocations
Coarsening Kinetics of γ' Precipitates in Cobalt-base Alloys
Creep Deformation Mechanisms in L12-Containing Co-Al-W-base Superalloys
Creep Properties and Segregation Behavior of γ'-Strengthened Co-base Superalloys
Effect of Ti and Ta on the Creep Properties of Single Crystal Co-Al-W-base Superalloys
Elementary Processes during the Oxidation of Ternary Co-base Superalloys
From Ni- to Co-based Superalloys: γ' Phase Stability and Superlattice Stacking Fault Energies
High Temperature Oxidation of New γ/γ′ Co–Al–W Based Superalloys
High Temperature Properties of Single Crystal Cobalt -base Alloys
Interdiffusion and Atomic Mobility in f.c.c Co-Al Based Ternary Alloys
Mechanical Properties of Co-based Superalloys with L12 Cuboidal Precipitates
Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of a High-temperature Co-Al-W-Ti-B Superalloy
On the Role of Alloying Composition and Processing Parameters in Co-Base γ – γ' Composites
Phase Equilibria in the Ternary Co-W-Al Alloy System
Physical Metallurgy and Creep Behaviour of Some Candidate Co-base Superalloys
Recent Progress in Co-Base Superalloy
Stability of TCP Phases in Co-based Superalloys: Comparison of Ab Initio Results with Structure Maps
The Effect of Quaternary Alloying Additions on Diffusivity in the Co-Al-W System
The Effect of Rhenium in Co-base Superalloys – A Comparison with Ni-base Superalloys
The Influence of Boron and Carbon on Grain Boundary Strength of γ'-Hardened Co-base Superalloys
Thermodynamic Database for High Temperature Co-based Superalloys

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