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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2019
Symposium Curricular Innovations and Continuous Improvement of Academic Programs (and Satisfying ABET along the Way): The Elizabeth Judson Memorial Symposium
Presentation Title Effect of Changes in EAC/ABET Definitions, Criterion 3, and Criterion 5
Author(s) Gregg M. Janowski, Devarajan Venugopalan, Jeffrey W. Fergus
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Jeffrey W. Fergus
Abstract Scope The recent changes in the EAC/ABET Definitions, Criterion 3 and Criterion 5 are some of the most significant since the transition in 2000. Some of the commission members representing TMS will explain the why, what, and how of the criteria changes. They will also lead a panel discussion on (1) moving from Criterion (a-k) to Criterion 3 (1-7), (2) incorporating the new definitions, and (3) addressing the changes in curricular requirements.
Proceedings Inclusion? Definite: At-meeting proceedings


Addressing the Updated Engineering Design Definition in MSE Programs
Effect of Changes in EAC/ABET Definitions, Criterion 3, and Criterion 5
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Mentoring Best Practices for Interns: Panel Discussion
Preparing for an ABET Evaluations – Common Issues
The Development of Effective Program Educational Objectives
The Enrollment Floodgates Are Open – Best Practices in Materials Science and Engineering Undergraduate Education for Rising Enrollments: Workshop Findings

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