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Meeting 2018 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Advanced Microelectronic Packaging, Emerging Interconnection Technology, and Pb-free Solder
Presentation Title High Temperature Lead-free Die Attach Materials - a Review
Author(s) HongWen Zhang, Ning-Cheng Lee, Jonathan Minter
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Jonathan Minter
Abstract Scope High-Pb solders have been used as die-attach materials for decades in discrete power packages. Due to the known harmful effects of Pb to human health/the environment and the demand of SiC power device serving under higher junction temperature, alternative Pb-free materials have been studied intensively. However, Pb-free alternatives are still in the infant age, and no well-recognized drop-in solution is available yet. The exemption of using high-Pb solders has been extended again to 2021, although it may be terminated anytime if a new technology/material were to be accepted industry-wide. This review is presenting the potential materials/technologies for high temperature lead-free die-attach, including solders, sintering materials, and solid-liquid interdiffusion material/technology. Although none of these materials/technologies are ideal to satisfy all the requirements of the variety of high temperature lead-free die attach applications in terms of processing/reliability/cost, each solution has the potential to satisfy a niche within this broader categorization.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: Supplemental Proceedings volume


A Study of Ag Alloy Wire with Flash Au after Sulfidation Test
A Study of Microstructure, Electronic Flame-off Characteristics and Electrical Properties of Au-coated Al-Zn Wires
Advances in Copper Electroplating for IC Substrate Packaging Applications
Altering the Mechanical Properties of Pb-free Solder Alloys by Alloying with Bi and Sb
Bonding Property of Silver Sintered Joint between SiC Device and DBC Substrates for EV Power Module
Characterization of X-ray Impact on Memory Retention Time for External In-package DRAM
Copper-to-copper Direct Bonding on Highly (111) Oriented Nano-twinned Copper in N2 Ambient
Corrosion Resistance of Surface Finishes for High Reliability Devices
Cu-to-Cu Direct Bonding by <111>-oriented Nanotwinned Copper Films with Chemical-mechanical Polishing
Damage Mechanisms in TSVs and Back-end Structures due to Thermal Cycling and Electromigration
Edge Effect and Phase Formation in Cu-Sn-Ni Micro Joints during Solid-state Aging
Effect of Copper Wire Diameter on the Variation in Shear Mode and Shear Strength
Effect of Orientation on the Bondability of the Sputtered Nano-twinned Copper
Effect of Sn Grain Orientation on Thermomigration in Sn2.3Ag Microbumps
Effect of Tin Orientation on Electromigration Failure of 20-um Microbumps
Effect of Twin Grains on the Void Formation in Copper Filled through Silicon via under Thermal Process
Effective Control of the Statistical Spread in Cu TSV Extrusion by a Cap Layer
Effects of Zn Addition on Cu-Sn Microjoints for Chip-stacking Applications
Electromigration Behavior in SABI333 Solder Joints
Electromigration Behavior of Printing Ag Nanoparticles Interconnects
Electroplated (111)-oriented Au Films in Au-Au Direct Bonding
Failure and Material Analysis Challenges in 3D Microelectronic Packages
Growth of Intermetallic Compound in Co/Sn3.5Ag/Co and Co/Sn3.5Ag/Cu Structure under Thermomigration
High Temperature Lead-free Die Attach Materials - a Review
High Temperature Mechanical Properties of Zn-based High Temperature Lead-free Solders
IMCs Growth Mechanism in Tricrystal Sn3.0Ag0.5Cu Solder Joints under Current Stressing
In-situ high-voltage TEM Observations of Polymorphic Phase Transformations in Cu6Sn5 Solder Joints
In Situ Studies of Whisker Nucleation Induced by Thermal Strain
In Situ X-ray Microtomography of Thermal and Power Cycling of Silver-based Thermal Interface Materials
Insights into the Heterogeneous Nucleation of βSn in Solder Joints
Interfacial Reaction of 68In32Bi and 33In67Bi Low Melting Alloy on Cu Substrate
Investigation of Processes Leading to Whisker Growth in Tin Thin Films with Advanced Multi-physics Simulations
K-1: Flexible Electrodes Based on the Carbon/Polymer Composite for Wearable Devices
K-2: Lead-free Nano-Solder Pastes for the Soldering of Cu-Cu Thin Wires
K-3: Mechanical Properties and IMC Morphology of Sn-58Bi Solder Including Sn-decorated MWCNTs
K-4: Theoretical and Experimental Study of Intermetallic Compound Grown by Electromigration, Thermomigration and Chemical Diffusion for Sn-0.7Cu Solders
Low-temperature and Pressureless Cu-to-Cu Bonding by Electroless Plating
Low Temperature Bonding Material with Submicron Copper Particles
Measurement of Electrical Resistance of CNTs
Micromechanical Properties of Single Crystalline (Cu,Ni)6Sn5 by Micropillar Compression and Nanoindentation
Microstructural Investigation on the Mechanism of Ag Thin Film Bonding
Multi Axis Loading Impact in Via-in Pad Plated Over (VIPPO) Board Design on Thermal Cycling Performance
Nanoscale Soldering of Self-assembled Multi-segment Metallic Nanowires
Nucleation, Growth, and Structure of Beta-tin in Tin-based Solders
Observations of Microstructure Evolution and Damage during Creep Testing and Thermal Loading of SAC 305 Solder Alloys
Pressureless Ag Sintering Process for IPM Modules
Properties of Joints Formed With Cu-Ni/Sn High Temperature Pb-free Composite Solder Paste
Resistance Changes of Pd-coated Cu and Ag Bonding Wires in High Temperature Storage
Role of Bi in Microstructural Evolution of Sn-Cu-Ni and Sn-Ag-Cu Solders and their Mechanical Performance
Role of Surface Layer on Whisker Mitigation in Tin Doped with Indium
Sintered Silver-Indium Bonding Materials for High Temperature Applications
Study of Mechanical Properties in Aluminum Wedge-wedge Bonding
Study of the Solid-State Diffusion of Bi in Sn – The Effects of β-Sn Grain Orientation
The Effect of Bump Metallurgy on First Level Interconnect Solder Bump Integrity
The Microstructure and Hot Rolling Deformation Mechanism of AuSn Eutectic Alloy
The Microstructure and Tensile Properties of Zn-25Sn-xCu-yTi High Temperature Pb-Free Solder Alloy
The Role of Inhomogeneous Properties on Tin Solder Electromigration Performance
The Wetting and IMC Growth Behaviors between Zn-25Sn-xCu-yTi High Temperature Pb-free Solder Alloys and Cu
Thermal Cycling Reliability of Solder and NiSn Solid-liquid Interdiffusion Joints with Thermal Coefficient Mismatch: Influence of Mechanical Properties of Joint Materials
Thermal Stable Ag-Ag Joints Bonded by Ultrasound-assisted Stress Migration Bonding
Thermosiphon Loops for Data Center Cooling – Exceeding Water Cooling Performance
Understand the Corrosion-induced Disappearance of Cu9Al4 from the Cu-Al Ball Bond Interface
Zero Pressure Ag Sinter Joining for Low Temperature Interconnection

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