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Meeting 2016 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Phase Transformations and Microstructural Evolution
Presentation Title In Situ Characterization and Phase Field Modeling of Irradiation-Induced Grain Growth
Author(s) , Fadi Abdeljawad, Stephen Foiles, Khalid Hattar
On-Site Speaker (Planned)
Abstract Scope Nanostructured metals have been shown to have exceptional mechanical and radiation properties, but are often limited by interfacial or grain boundary stability. Determining the role of grain orientation and boundary character is essential in predicting material properties and ensuring long term microstructural stability. TEM precession-assisted electron diffraction orientation mapping was utilized to better understand the nature of radiation-induced grain growth and boundary migration in an archetype nanocrystalline Au system. Images and orientation maps were collected before and after in situ ion irradiation TEM with 10 MeV Si. Experimentally collected orientation maps were directly used as structural input for a phase field grain growth model. Controllable model parameters for grain boundary energy, width, and mobility were varied to better understand the effects of these parameters on microstructural evolution. By directly combining experimental and modeling techniques, improved model validation and better understanding of the nanometer resolution experimental results is now possible.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: A print-only volume


A Study of Phase Equilibria and Interdiffusion in Iron-based Alloy Systems Using Diffusion Multiples
Addendum to Correlations between Elastic Inhomogeneities and Amalgamation of γ′ Precipitate Microstructures in Nickel-Base Alloys
Alpha Phase Precipitation in Metastable Beta Ti-Nb-Fe Alloys
An Overview of Lower Temperature Precipitation under Irradiation: Mechanisms, Models, Consequences and Applications
Application of Dual-anneal Diffusion-multiple (DADM) Approach to Studies of Phase Transformations
Assessment of Tribological Properties of Cast and Forged Ti-6Al-7Nb and Ti-6Al-4V Implants for Dental Application
Atomic Resolution Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy of η Phase Formation Along SESFs in a Ni-Based Disk Alloy
Atomistic Modeling of Interfaces of Cementite and Ferrite
Ballistic Martensite
Boron Segregation and its Effects in Boron Containing Steels
Carbide Evolution during Quenching and Partitioning of Steel Studied by Mössbauer Spectroscopy
Characterization of Transition Carbide Formation in Steels Processed by Quenching and Tempering or Quenching and Partitioning
Combined Atom Probe Tomography and Electron Microscopy Investigation of Intermediate Carbides Precipitation from Supersaturated Virgin Fe-Ni-C Martensites
Correlation of Microstructure to Creep Properties of Fe-30Cr-3Al Alloys Strengthened by Laves Phase
Corrosion Effects on Mechanical Properties of Sensitized AA5083-H116
Coupling CALPHAD to Phase-field Modeling: A Pathway to the Prediction of Microstructures in Additive Manufacturing?
Determine Crystallographic Orientation Relationship and Orientation of Planar and Linear Features by Electron Microscopy
Effect of Concurrent Microstructure Evolution and Hydrogen Level on Flow Behavior of Near Alpha Ti-alloy
Effect of Non-wetting Nanoparticles on Precipitation Evolution
Effect of Time and Temperature on Microstructural Evolution for Improved Braze Joint Strength in Oil and Gas Drill Bits
Effect of Velocity Change on Ternary Eutectic Morphology
Effects of Microstructure on the Selective Internal Oxidation of Multi-Phase Alloys
Efficient Experimental Determination of Diffusion Coefficients and Elastic Modulus for the Ti-Mo-Nb-Ta-Zr System
Epsilon to Tau Phase Transformation in MnAl Alloy Systems
Evolution of Nanoscale Clusters in γ´ Precipitates of a Ni-Al-Ti Model Alloy
Formation of Precipitate Free Zones in the Vicinity of Second Phase Particles in Nickel Based Alloy 725
H-phase Precipitation and its Influence on Shape Memory Properties in Ni-Ti-Zr and Ni-Ti-Hf Alloys
High Temperature Microstructural Evolution of Ni-Co-Al-Ti-Cr Alloys Studied by In-situ Neutron Diffraction
High Temperature Spheroidization of Cementite in a 2C-4Cr Ultrahigh Carbon Steel.
Homogenization Behavior in the Au-Zn-Al and Al-Ag Systems
In-situ SEM Observation of Surface Diffusion and Intermetallic Compound Growth in Lead-free Solder Joints
In-situ Small-angle Scattering Study of ω Particles Growth in Metastable β Titanium Alloys
In Situ Analysis of Microstructural Evolution during the Devitrification of Amorphous Tantalum Films
Inertia Friction Welding of 304L Stainless to 1018 Steel
Insights Into the Microstructure and Nucleation of the Zeta Phase in Transition Metal Carbides and Nitrides
Integrated Experimental and Computational Investigation of Omega Phase and Omega Phase Assisted Super-refined Alpha Precipitation
Interplay of Substrate Interaction, Electric Field and Confinement on Microphase Separation of Diblock Copolymers
Inverse Coarsening of Gamma-prime Precipitates in Ni-base Superalloys
Isothermal Annealing of Shocked Zirconium: Stability of the α-ω 2-phase Microstructure
Japan Institute of Metals International Scholar: Effective Utilization of ε-martensite in Fe-high Mn Austenitic Steels: Aspects of Deformation-induced Reverse Transformation
Magnetic Domain Structure Studies in Ferromagnetic Alloys
Mechanical Properties of 5000 Series Aluminum Alloys Following Fire Exposure
Mechanical Properties of NiMnGa Alloys as a Function of Composition and Phase Transformations Measured by Nanoindentation
Mechanisms Underlying Residual Stress Generation During the Oxidation of Silicon Carbide
Microscale Studies of Transformation Mechanisms in SMAs
Microstructural Evolution and Embrittlement of Thermally Aged Cast Duplex Stainless Steels
Microstructure Evolution and Stability of Nanostructured Electrodeposited Al-Mn Alloys upon Heating
Microstructure evolution of undercooled Co-Sn alloy melts solidified in Strong Magnetic Field
Microstructure Evolution of Uranium-6wt.% Niobium During Deformation Processing
Modification of Phase Evolution Pathways in Nanocrystalline Metallic Thin Films
Nano-sized Precipitate Stability and Its Controlling Factors in a NiAl-strengthened Ferritic Alloy
Nanoscale Precipitation-Strengthened Al-Er-Sc-Zr-(V,Nb,Ta) Alloys
Numerical Simulation of Solidification Microstructure with Active Fiber Cooling for Making Fiber-Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites
Observation of All 12 Alpha Variants and Strip Microstructure in Multi-component Titanium Alloys
Phase Field Modelling of Emulsion Formation
Phase Field Modelling of Microstructural Evolution in Titanium Alloy Welds
Phase Transformations and Structural Changes in Haynes 244, A New Ni Based Low CTE Alloy
Powder Processing of Ultra Ultra High Carbon Steels
Processing and Characterization of High-Temperature Resistant Aluminum Alloys Microalloyed with Sc, Er and Zr
Production of Corrosion Resistance Steel
Role of Alloying Elements on Thermal Stability of Duplex Stainless Steel
Role of Cyclic Solid-Solid Phase Transformations in Microstructure Evolution during Thermal Gyrations during Additive Manufacturing
S-1: Precipitation of Scorodite in Arsenic Containing Acidic Solution
S-2: Phase Stability in the Group IVB and VB Transition Metal Carbides
S-3: Transmission Electron Microscopy Study of Deformation-Induced Martensitic Transformation in 304 Stainless Steel using In-situ and Ex-situ characterization.
S-4: The Effect of Aluminum Content on Recrystallization and Grain-Growth of Magnesium
Shear-induced Phase Transition in Zr via Severe Plastic Deformation
Shock-Induced Phase and Microstructural Changes in Metallic Glass
Shock Induced Amorphization and Nanocrystallization in Silicon
Shot Peening Induced Microstructural Stability of a High Nb Containing TiAl Alloy during High Temperature Exposure
Simulated Welding Heat Affected Zone of a SAF2507 Super-duplex Stainless Steel by Gleeble Simulator
Solid-liquid Transformations during Powder-bed Additive Manufacturing
Some Steps towards Modelling of Dislocation Assisted Rafting: A Coupled 2D Phase Field -- Continuum Dislocation Dynamics Approach
Study of Phase Precipitation in Binary Systems using Diffusion Multiples and Simulations
Study of Phase Transformation, Recovery and Recrystallization in Ti-5Al-5V-5Mo-3Cr Alloy and Their Effects on Dilatometric Response
Study of Phase Transitions Occurring in β-Titanium Alloy Ti-15Mo
Supersaturation and Decay: The Life of Vacancies during Precipitation
Symmetry Breaking and Pathway Degeneracy during Structural Phase Transformations
The Effect of Composition upon the Precipitation of the Sigma Phase in a Model Nickel-base Superalloy
The Effect of Cooling Rate on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Thin Wall Ductile Iron Castings
The Effect of Excess Energy in the Simulation of Dendritic Growth Using the Phase Field Model Coupled with a CALPHAD Database
The Effect of Initial Microstructure on the Mechanical Properties of Bi-lamellar Ti-6Al-4V
Hide details for [<a href="/PM/PM.nsf/ApprovedAbstracts/CE0D4EBACFA4E4B285257E84000F80D5?OpenDocument">The high temperature comThe high temperature compression response of Al 319
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The Influence of Aluminum Content on Recrystallization and Grain Growth in α-titanium Alloys
The Influence of Nanoscale Precipitates on Phase Transformations in Shape Memory Alloys
The Large Scale Synthesis of Aligned Plate Nanostructures
The Microstructure of As-Quenched 12Mn Steel
The Study of Lead Segregation Behavior of the Heterogeneous Nucleation in Steel
There and Back Again: Microstructural Investigations of Forward and Reverse α-ω Phase Transformations in HCP Metals
Thermal Stability of ω-phase in Pure Ti Formed by High-pressure Torsion Process
Thermomechanical Characterization of Shape Memory Alloy Mode I Fracture
Titanium Based Metal-matrix Composites via In-situ Nitridation: Microstructure and Tribological Properties
Transformation and Deformation Characterization of NiTiHf and NiTiAu High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys
Using Temporary Hydride Formation in Metastable Beta Titanium Alloys to Improve the Microstructure
In Situ Characterization and Phase Field Modeling of Irradiation-Induced Grain Growth
γ’ in Co-Al-W: Why Won’t It Just Go Away?

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