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Meeting 2018 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Alloys and Compounds for Thermoelectric and Solar Cell Applications VI
Presentation Title Phase Diagrams Evaluation for Design of Thermoelectric Materials and Development of Fabrication Processes
Author(s) Yoshisato Kimura, Natsumi Kaneko, Yosuke Kubo, Yong Hoon Lee, Hiroyuki Matsunami, Hirokuni Hachiuma
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Yoshisato Kimura
Abstract Scope Thermoelectric properties are sensitively affected by microstructure which changes according to the phase equilibrium during high temperature fabrication processes and/or applications. Phase diagrams are important not only to improve thermoelectric performance through microstructure control but also to predict long-term stability and reliability. The objective of the present work is to evaluate phase diagrams for improvement of thermoelectric performance and desirable fabrication processes. Ternary phase diagrams were partially evaluated by experiments for alloy systems including Mg2(Si,Sn) and half-Heusler (Ti,Zr)(Ni,Co)Sn, respectively. It is hard to suppress chemical composition shifts induced by oxidation of Mg (vaporization as well) and Ti at high temperatures even under low oxygen partial pressure. These two compounds equilibrate with the liquid phase down to low temperatures in relatively wide compositional range since the melting point of Sn is extremely low. Reaction scheme, projection of liquidus surface, several isotherms were evaluated and considered for Mg-Si-Sn and Ti-Ni-Sn ternary systems.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: Supplemental Proceedings volume


Anisotropic Thermal Expansion and Bond Softening in Thermoelectric Materials
Approaching Efficient Thermoelectrics: From Materials to Modules
Atomic and Electronic Structures of 2D Semiconductors
Composite of ZnO/Au Hybrid Structure on Silk Textile for Flexible Photocatalyst Application
Compressive Creep Behavior of Hot-pressed TAGS-85
Controllable Electrical Contact Resistance between Cu and Oriented-Bi2Te3 Film via Interface Tuning
Controlling Stoichiometry, Defects, and Interfaces in Epitaxial Heusler Compounds: a Multifunctional Thermoelectrics Platform
Determination of the Mg-Si-Sn Ternary Phase Diagram to Evaluate Phase Stability of Thermoelectric Mg2(Si,Sn) Compound
Effect of Magnetic Ion Doping on the Thermoelectric Properties of Zintl Phase Materials
Effect of Oxygen on the Doping Mechanisms of Thermoelectric Materials via Ab Initio Simulations: Application to ZnSb and NiTiSn.
Effect of Precipitates on Thermoelectric Properties in Nickel Based Alloy
Effect of the Processing Method on the Thermoelectric Properties of Mg2(Si,Sn,Ge) Materials
Enhanced Thermoelectric Properties in a Printed Material
Enhancement of the Thermoelectric Properties of FeGa3–type Structures with Group 6 Transition Metals: A Computational Exploration
Enhancement of Thermoelectric Performance Through Optimization of Hot-pressing Parameters in the Gas Atomized Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 Alloys
Evaluation of Co-P Diffusion Barrier for p-Bi2Te3 Thermoelectric Material
Evaluation of Interfacial Stability of PbTe Thermoelectric Module
Half Heuslers: Promising Mid-to-high Temperature Thermoelectric Alloys
Hierarchical Control of Microstructure in Fe-Si-Ge Based Thermoelectric Alloys to Control Thermal Boundary Conductance
High-performance Oxides-based Thermoelectric Ceramics for Energy Conversion
High Thermoelectric Figure-of-merit in n-type Ga-incorporated PbTe
Improved Thermoelectric Properties of Bismuth-magnesium Eutectic Alloy by Melt Spinning and Spark Plasma Sintering
Inorganic Halide Double Perovskites for Thin Film Solar Cell Application
Low Dimensional Insulator-conductor Nanocomposites and their Thermoelectric Properties
Low Thermal Conductivity and Stacking Faults in Layered Selenides: Ba4Cu8Se13 and InGeTe3
MIP Infrastructure and High-throughput Study on Diamond-like Thermoelectric Chalcogenides
Molecular-dynamics Simulations of Liquid-like Copper Diffusion in Copper Chalcogenides
Ni-interstials Making Strong Influence on Thermoelectric Properties of TiNiSn Half Heuslers
Novel Synthesis and Optimization of Half-Heusler Materials for Thermoelectric Applications
Optimization of Thermoelectric Performance for SnTe Alloys and Simulation of the TEG Module with Single SnTe Legs
Phase Boundary Mapping for the Discovery and Optimization of Thermoelectric Materials
Phase Diagram of Ag-In-Se System and Thermoelectric Properties of In-containing Ag2Se
Phase Diagrams Evaluation for Design of Thermoelectric Materials and Development of Fabrication Processes
Phase Diagrams of Ternary Zn-Sb-In Systems and Thermoelectric Properties of In Doped Zn4Sb3
Phase Diagrams of Ternary Zn-Sb-In Systems and Thermoelectric Properties of (Cu, In)-doped Zn4Sb3 Doped Zn4Sb3
Phonon Scattering and Propagation Considerations for Thermoelectrics
Phonon Spectroscopy and Elasticity in Thermoelectric Mg2Si1-xSnx
Prediction of Thermoelectric Transport Properties in Layered Complex Nitrides
Role of Ni-Mo Diffusion Barrier on the High Temperature Stability of PbTe Based Thermoelectric Module
Room Temperature Orientation-dependent Thermal Conductivity of Thermoelectric SnSe
Structure/Property Relationships of Thermoelectric Oxyselenides Bi1-xAxOCuSe (A=Ba, Sr, Ca, and Pb)
Study of Cobalt Silicide by Grain Boundary Engineering
Suppressing Bipolar Effects by Deep Defect State for High Thermoelectric Efficiency
Tailoring Thermoelectric Properties of Telluride-based Materials from Bulk to Thin Films
The Phase Diagram of Ge-Te-Sb and Enhanced Thermoelectric Properties of Sb-doped GeTe
The Phase Diagram of Ge-Te-Sb and Enhanced Thermoelectric Properties of (Sb, In)-doped GeTe
Thermoelectric Borides and Sulfides; Role of Magnetism and Disorder
Thermoelectric Performance Enhancement via Modifying Band Structure
Thermoelectric Properties of Porphyrins
Thermoelectric Properties of SnSe: Understanding and Tuning
Thin-film Metallic Glass: an Effective Diffusion Barrier for Mid-temperature Thermoelectric Modules
Thin Film Heusler Systems: Boosting ZT
Tuning Electrical and Thermal Properties in Atomic Layer Materials
ZnO Synthesis on the Au Metallized Silk Textile for Flexible Photocatalyst Application

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