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Meeting 2018 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium 9th International Symposium on High Temperature Metallurgical Processing
Presentation Title Effect of Carbon Coating on Magnetite Reduction
Author(s) Wu-feng Jiang, Su-ju Hao, Yu-zhu Zhang
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Su-ju Hao
Abstract Scope In magnetite powder and coke powder mixed grinding, the surface of the magnetite is covered by carbon, we call it mechanical carbon coating. In this paper, the effect of carbon coating on the reduction of magnetite in H2 was studied. The samples were characterized by field emission scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and nitrogen adsorption. The results show that, with the increase of the reduction time, the reduction degree and the metallization rate of the magnetite powder are correspondingly increased. When the reduction time was 120 min, the degree of reduction after carbon coating was increased by 39% and the metallization rate was increased by 52%. The samples obtained after the carbon coating had more pores, had a larger specific surface area, had a looser structure. Under the same conditions, carbon coating can increase the reduction rate of magnetite, reduce the reduction time, and is conducive to energy conservation and reduce consumption.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:


A Statistical Analysis of Process Abnormalities in Slab Casting
Alumino-thermic Reduction of SrO and SrCO3
An Industry Overlook of Secondary Lead Pyrometallurgical Processing
An Innovative Oxygen-enriched Flash Smelting Technology for Lead Smelting and its Industrial Application
Analysis of Microwave Drying Behavior of Nickel Laterite
Analysis of Operational Parameters Affecting Metallization Degree of DRI in Reduction Shaft of COREX Process and Improvement Measures
Assessment of Gas-Slag-Metal Interaction during a Converter Steelmaking Process
Atomistic Insight into Structural Role of Boron in High Temperature CaO-SiO2 Slag System
Carbothermic Direct Reduction of Chromite Using a Segregation Catalyst for the Production of Ferrochrome
CFD Modeling of Flow and Chemical Reactions in a Submerged Lance Copper Smelting Furnace
Characteristics and Control Technology of Fine Particulate Matter (PM) of Iron Ore Sintering
Controlled Synthesis of TiC Nanoparticles Using Solid Oxide Membrane Technology in Molten CaCl2
Dechlorination of Zinc Oxide Dust by Microwave Rosating with RSM Optimization
Degradation Mechanisms of Refractories in a Bottom Blown Copper Smelting Furnace
Development of Continuous Blast Furnace Slag Solidification Process for Coarse Aggregates
Dissolution Rate of Carbon in Molten Iron-manganese Alloys
Effect of Calculation Method of CaO Addition on Liquid Phase Fluidity
Effect of Carbon Coating on Magnetite Reduction
Effect of Chemical Components of Mould Flux on Dissolution Rate of Al2O3 into Molten Flux for High Manganese High Aluminum Steel
Effect of Cooling Rate on the Acidolysis of Titania Slag
Effect of Density Difference on Particle Segregation Behaviors at Bell-less Top Blast Furnace with Parallel-type Hopper
Effect of Modified Humic Acid (MHA) Binder on Roasting Behavior Mongolian Tumurtei Iron Concentrate Briquettes
Effect of Temperature on Oxidation Behavior of Cr-Mo-V Steel with Different Cr Contents for High-speed Train Brake Discs
Effect of TiO2 on the Viscous Behavior of High Alumina Blast Furnace Slag
Electrochemical Preparation of Ti5Si3/TiC Composite from Titanium-rich Slag in Molten CaCl2
Enhancement of Yield by Improvement of Iron Ore Sinter Strength of Weak Layer in Sinter Bed
Evolution of Al-Ti-Mg-O Inclusions during Refining and Casting Process of Interstitial Free Steel
Exergy and its Efficiency Estimations for Sponge Iron Production in a Rotary Hearth Furnace
Experimental Study on Carburization of Higher Vanadium-bearing Hot Metal
Experimental Study on Oxidative Desulfurization and Selective Reduction of Molten Copper Slag
Fabrication Methods and Applications of Microstructured Carbon Based Liquid Copper Alloys
Fundamental Research on the Iron Nugget Process from Carbon Composite Pellet
Growth of Iridium and Iridium Alloy Fibers from the Melt by Alloy-micro-pulling-down Method
Growth of Metallic Iron Particles during Reductive Roasting of Boron-bearing Magnetite Concentrates: Characterization and Kinetics
Hematite Precipitation from High Iron Solution in Hydrometallurgy Process
High Temperature Dielectric Property Measurement System
High throughput Experimental Technologies for Novel Amorphous Metallic Materials Research
In-situ Observation of the Precipitation Behavior of Dy2O3 Containing Slag System
Influence of Coke Quality on Main Technical Indexes of Blast Furnace
Influence On The Crystallization Phase Of Mold Flux By Magnetic Fields
Irreversibilities in Copper Matte Smelting and Settling
Kinetic Analysis of Blast Furnace Dust Recycling with Flash Reduction Process at High Temperature
Kinetics Study on Limestone Decomposition in Early Converter Slag
Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Converter Slagging and Steelmaking Process by Replacing Part of Lime With Limestone
Metallization and Carburization Kinetics in DR Shaft Furnaces. The Metcarb Model
Modeling of Reactive Melt Infiltration Used in the Fabrication of Si-Co/C Composites
Neural Prediction Model for Extraction of Germanium from Zinc Oxide Dust by Microwave Alkaline Roasting-water Leaching
Novel Utilization Technology of Low Grade Nb-bearing Iron Concentrate from Bayan Obo Ore in China
Numerical and Experimental Study of Carbothermal Reduction of Silica in a Laboratory Thermal Plasma Reactor
Numerical Simulation of Ultrasound-Induced Cavitation Bubbling in a Calcium Ferrite Melt
On the Role of Nb on the Texture and Mechanical Properties of a Novel As-rolled Medium Carbon Wear Resistant Slurry Pipeline Steel
Optimization Method for Iron Ore Blending Based on the Sintering Basic Characteristics of Blended Ore
Optimization of Exothermic Riser Sleeve Design Parameters
Physiochemical Properties of High Alumina Blast Furnace Slag
Pilot Scale Production of Ferrochrome with Si Wafer Kerf Loss Reductants Using 280kW Direct Current Arc Furnace
Preparation and Characterization of Iron-coke Briquette
Preparation for High Activity Lime and Its Effect on Desulfurization of Hot Metal Pretreatment
Preparation of Direct Reduced Iron Using Crumb Rubber Powder
Preparation of Manganese Ferrite by Low-temperature Solid-state Synthesis under CO-CO2 Atmosphere
Preparation of Oxidized Pellets with Chrome Ore
Preparation of Titanium Foams through Direct Electrolysis of the Sintered CaO-TiO2 in Molten Salt CaCl2
Production of Lithium-Ion Cathode Material for Automotive Batteries Using Melting Casting Process
Production of Titanium from Waste Slag
Purification of Molten Zinc Chloride-Alkali Chloride by Cementation Reaction
Reaction Routes of CaO-Fe2O3-TiO2 and Calcium Ferrite-TiO2 System in Continuous Heating Process
Recovery of Aluminium and its Compounds with Hydro and Pyrometalurgical Methods from Non-metallic Residue
Recovery of Fe-Cu Alloys from Copper Slags
Recovery of Zn and Mn from Spent Alkaline Batteries
Recycling SiO2 and Al2O3 from the Metallurgical Slag of Nickel Laterite Ores in Molten Sodium Hydroxides
Reduction Behavior of Garnierite Using Methane by Roasting-Magnetic Separation Method
Refractory Wear in a High Carbon Ferromanganese Smelting Furnace
Remove Sulfur in Copper Dross from Refining Lead by Converting Process
Research and Application of Sintering Surface Steam Spraying Technology for Energy Saving and Quality Improvement
Research of Digital Platform and Process Guidance Model in EAF Steelmaking Process
Research on Bonding Mechanism of Sintering Grate
Research on Factors Affecting and Prediction Model of Silicon Content in Hot Metal of Corex
Research on Optimizing Sinter Ore Matching Based on the High Temperature Characteristic Numbers
Research on the Long Life Blowpipe Liner of BF Air Supply Apparatus
Research on the Mineral Composition and Microstructure Changes of Iron Ore Sinter during the Gas-Solid Reduction
Roasting Kinetics of Molybdenite Concentrates
Role of Burden Distribution in Blast Furnace under Reduced Coke Consumption
Selection of Viscosity Model of Chromium-Containing Converter Slag and Investigation of the Effect of Compositions on Viscosity
Selective Recovery of P and Mn from Steelmaking Slag by Carbothermic Reduction
Simplified Process for Making Anode Copper
Simulation of Velocity Field of Molten Steel in Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking
Sintering Bed Spraying Steam to Reduce NOx and Dioxin Emissions in Shougang
Sintering Study of WC-Co Hardmetals Obtained from Nanocrystalline Powders
Solid Oxide Membrane-based Green Processing and Modeling of Silicon Production
Structural Analysis of Ge-containing Ferrous Calcium Silicate Magnesia Slag for Applications of Black Copper Smelting
Studied on the Cooling Effect of CO2 on the Temperature of Vanadium in Converter
Study on Direct Reduction Melting Separation-leaching Process of Disposal Rare Earth Composite Iron Ore
Study on Direct Reduction of Low-grade Iron Ore-coal Mini-pellets in Coal-based Rotary Kiln
Study on Grain Size and Porosity of the Produced Lime from Limestone in Early Converter Slag
Study on Influences of Different Ti-bearing Materials on MgO-bearing Pellets Metallurgical Properties
Study on the Volatilization of Sb2S3 in Vacuum
Sulfation Roasting of Nickel Sulfide Concentrate in the Presence of Sodium Sulfate
Supergravity Separation of Pb and Sn from Waste Printed Circuit Boards
Supersolidus Liquid Phase Sintering of H13 Tool Steel Fabricated via Binder Jet Additive Manufacturing
Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Carbide Ceramics via Reduction of Anion-loaded Activated Carbon Precursors
Techno-economic Analysis of Energy Recovery from Plastic Waste
The Dissolution Behavior of MgO into Molten High Titanium Slag
The Effect of Austenitizing Temperature on Hardenability, Precipitation and Mechanical Properties of Boron Bearing Cr-Mo Alloy Steel
The Effect of Temperature and Additive on Transport and Transformation of P of High-phosphorus Iron Ore during Carbothermic Reduction
The Effects of ZrO2, Y2O3 and Sc2O3 on the Properties of Mould Fluxes for High Manganese High Aluminum Steels
The Use of Zirconia-based Solid Electrolytes Oxygen Sensor in High Titanium Slag
Thermodynamic Analysis of Smelting of Spent Catalysts for Recovery of Platinum Group Metals
Thermodynamic Calculation on Reactivity between Slag and High Mn-high Al Steel
Thermodynamic Calculations on Direct Reduction of Chromium-bearing Vanadium Titanium Magnetite
Thermodynamic Calculations on Electric Furnace Smelting Separation of Chromium-bearing Vanadium Titanium Magnetite
Thermodynamic Modelling of Magnesium, Calcium and Strontium-oxides Reduction Systems in Vacuum
Thermogravimetric Analysis and Kinetic Study of the Calcification Roasting of Vanadium Slag
Viscosity of CaO-SiO2-based Mold Flux with CeO2 for Continuous Casting of RE Alloyed Heavy Rail Steels
Viscosity of Mould Flux under Electromagnetic Field

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