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Meeting 2016 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Materials Innovation
Presentation Title Morphing the Design Box: New Design Paradigms Enabled by Additive Manufacturing
Author(s) Rick Barto
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Rick Barto
Abstract Scope Our next-generation missions and systems face ever-increasing demands for capability, cost, and development cycle time, which are poised to outpace the designer’s abilities to synthesize and evolve an optimum design. A complement of emerging technologies holds the promise of lifting the constraints under which designers have historically been held: Generative Design methodology is a process using genetic algorithms to generate an unlimited range of unique geometric design solutions. Additive manufacturing and advanced materials technologies offer the means to fabricate and validate far more complex component and element shapes. Isogeomtric analysis is a relatively new approach to simplified representation of the CAD geometry for streamlined design optimization. And parametric materials design has integrated materials science, applied mechanics and quantum physics within a systems engineering framework to create a first generation of designer "cyberalloys" that have now entered successful commercial applications.
Proceedings Inclusion? Undecided


A Set-Based Approach for Hierarchical Materials Design
Model-Based Materials Definitions for Design and Structural Analysis
Morphing the Design Box: New Design Paradigms Enabled by Additive Manufacturing
Statistical Rigor Versus Statistical Confidence in the Optimal Design of Materials

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