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Meeting 2016 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium High Entropy Alloys IV
Presentation Title Thermally Activated Processes in a Crystal Plasticity Model for Deformation in Equiatomic Alloys
Author(s) , Hongbin Bei, Zhenggang Wu, George M Pharr
On-Site Speaker (Planned)
Abstract Scope A large class of equiatomic or near equiatomic alloys with more than three elements and random solid-solution FCC structures has been recently developed. These alloys exhibit an unusual temperature-dependent flow stress, an unusual hardening behavior with respect to the crystallographic orientation, and extraordinary ductility at cryogenic conditions. Experimental measurements suggest the lattice friction be the dominant mechanism, which is modeled by the motion of non-straight dislocations by thermally activated processes involving local bowing of the dislocation lines. Although this process resembles that in BCC crystals, the hardening behavior exhibits multiple hardening stages as in FCC metals. A crystal plasticity model is developed to include these features and compared to experimental stress-strain responses for various orientations of single crystals at room and cryogenic temperatures.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: A print-only volume


A Bragg-Williams Model of Ordering in High-entropy Alloys
A Model for the Deformation Mechanisms and the Serration Statistics of High Entropy Alloys
A Non-equiatomic, Dual-phase, TRIP-assisted HEA
A Novel, Single Phase, Refractory CrMoNbV High-entropy Alloy
A Statistical Study of the Potential-scan-rate and Al-content Dependent Metastable Pitting (Serration) Behavior of AlxFeCoCrNi High-entropy Alloys
A Thermodynamic Parameter to Predict Formation of Solid Solution or Intermetallic Phases in High Entropy Alloys
Alloying Effects on the Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Compositionally Complex Alloys
An Oxide Doped High Temperature High Entropy Alloy
Atomic and Electronic Basis for Viscous Flow Mediated Avalanches of Ultrastrong Refractory High Entropy Alloys
Characterization of a High Strength, Refractory High Entropy Alloy AlMo0.5NbTa0.5TiZr using STEM-HAADF and Super-X™ XEDS Tomography
Computational-Thermodynamics-Aided Development of Lightweight High Entropy Alloys
Computational High-Entropy Alloy Design and Phase Equilibria of an Al-Co-Cr-Fe-Ni System
Computational Modeling of High-Entropy Alloys: Entropy Sources, Enthalpy, Elasticity, Electronic and Magnetic Properties
Controlling Phase Selection in High Entropy Systems
Corrosion Behavior and Passivation Mechanisms in FCC High Entropy Alloys
Deformation and Structural Modeling of a Quenched Al0.1CrCoFeNi Multi-principal Element Alloy under High Strains
Design of High Entropy Alloys of Single Phase Solid Solutions
Design of Mo-based High Entropy Alloys
Design of Single-Phase High-Entropy Alloys
Development of High Strength Austenitic HEA Steels of CoCrFeMnNi Family
Deviation from High-Entropy Configurations in the Al1.3CoCrCuFeNi Alloy
Diffusion in Equiatomic FCC High Entropy Alloys
Effect of Zr and Si Addition on Microstructure and Properties of AlFeNiCuCrTi High Entropy Alloys
Effects of Chemical Composition on Mechanical Behavior of CoCrFeMnNi Alloys: The Origins of High Strength of A3S Grade of Alloys
Elastic to Plastic Transition in a High Entropy Alloy Investigated Using a Nanoindentation Method
Electronic Effects in High-Entropy Alloys
Enhanced Entropy Nickel Superalloys: Processing and Properties
Entropy Calculation for High Entropy Alloys
Exploration of High Entropy Alloys for Sustainable Energy Storages
Fabrication and Tensile Behavior of Bulk High Entropy Alloys Derived from Thin Film Combinatorial Approach
First Principles Calculations of the Lattice Distortions and Elastic Constants of the HfNbTaTiZr Alloy
Fracture Toughness and Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of High Entropy Alloys
Friction Stir Processed High Entropy Alloys for Biomedical Application
From Pure Element to High-entropy Alloys: A Study of the Local Environment
HH-1: Ab Initio Thermodynamics of the CoCrFeMnNi High Entropy Alloy: Importance of Entropy Contributions beyond the Configurational One
HH-2: Alloy Design Strategy of High Entropy Alloys based on Mechanical·Thermophysical Properties
HH-3: Compressive Behavior of CoCrFeMnNi High Entropy Alloy
HH-4: Effect of Cooling Rate on Mechanical Properties of MnAlFeNiCo HEAs
HH-5: Effects of Processing Conditions on Microstructure and Mechanicals Properties of Selected HEA Alloys from CoCrFeMnNi Family
HH-6: Microstructural Characterization and Mechanical Experiments of Light-weight AlxCrFeMn High-Entropy Alloys
HH-7: Microstructural Characterization in AlxCrFeMnTix advanced Light Weight High-Entropy Alloys
HH-8: Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Compositionally Complex Co-free FeNiMnCr18 Alloy with Simple Microstructure
HH-9: Dynamic Recrystallization Behaviour of AlxCoCrFeNi High Entropy Alloys during High Temperature Deformation Process
High-Entropy Alloys Including 3d, 4d and 5d Transition Metals from the Same Group in the Periodic Table
High Energy X-ray Diffraction Measurements during Tensile Loading and Hydrogen Embrittlement of a High Entropy Alloy, Al0.1CoCrFeNi
High Entropy Alloy Materials for Naval Applications
High Entropy Alloy Solid Solutions: Are they Entropy Stabilized?
High Entropy Brasses and Bronzes - Microstructure, Phase Evolution and Properties
High Strength High Entropy Alloys Prepared by Powder Metallurgy
Influence of Cr Removal on Alloying Behavior, Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of Ultra-fine Grained Al0.8Ti0.2CoNiFeCr High Entropy Alloy
Influence of Cryogenic Prestraining on Tensile Properties of a High-entropy Alloy
Ion Irradiation Effects on Microstructure and Mechanical properties of a High Entropy Alloy
Ion Irradiation Induced Swelling in Ni-Based FCC Equiatomic Alloys
Lattice Strain Framework for Plastic Deformation in Complex Concentrated Alloys Including High Entropy Alloys
Magnetic Treasure Maps for CoFeNi-based High-entropy-alloys from First-principles
Mechanical Study of a Refractory bcc High Entropy Solid Solution: Deformation Mechanisms and Strain Rate Effect
Microstructural Characterization and Phase Evolution of Al1.5CrFeMnTi and Al2CrFeMnTi
Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of Equiatomic CoCuFeMnNi High-entropy Alloy
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of YxCoCrFeNi High Entropy Alloys
Microstructures and Properties of CoFeMnNiX ( X = Al, Ga, Sn ) High Entropy Alloys
Microstructures of Annealed and Oxidized Al8(NiCoCrFe)92, Al15(NiCoCrFe)85, and Al30(NiCoCrFe)70 High-Entropy Alloys
Nanomechanical Behavior and Dislocation Nucleation in FCC High Entropy Alloys
Nanostructured Magnetic High Entropy Alloys
New Approaches in the Design of High Strength HEAs
On the Fracture Toughness of fcc Medium- and High-entropy Alloys at Ambient to Cryogenic Temperatures
On the Microstructural Stability of Nanocrystalline HEA Thin Films and Its Effect on Mechanical Properties
On the Optimization of the γ-γ' Morphology in Al8Co17Cr17Cu8Fe17Ni33 Based Compositionally Complex Alloys
Ordering in Refractory High-entropy Alloys
Phase Composition and Solid Solution Strengthening Effect in TiZrNbHf and TiZrNbMoV High Entropy Alloys
Phase Decomposition of a Single-phase Nanocrystalline CoCrFeMnNi High-entropy Alloy
Phase Selection in Systematically Alloyed CoCrFeNiX High-entropy Alloys
Physical Metallurgy of High-entropy Alloys
Precious Metal High Entropy Alloys - Microstructure, Phase Evolution and Properties
Precipitation Kinetics in High Entropy Alloy Al0.5CrFeCoNiCu
Predicting the Formation of Single-phase High Entropy Alloys: A First Principles Approach
Refractory High Entropy Alloy with Excellent Cold Workability
Serrated Flows in High Entropy Alloys (HEAs)
Serrated Plastic Flow in CoFeMnNi, CoCrFeMnNi, and CoCrFeNi High Entropy Systems
Serration Behaviors and Structural Flow Units in High Entropy Alloys
Short-range Disorder and Long-range Order Transitions of a High-entropy Alloy Subjected to Deformation at Different Temperatures
Slip nucleation in Single Crystal FeNiCoCrMn Entropy Alloy
Solute Effects in High-Entropy FeNiMnAlCr Alloys
Stress-strain Response and Microstructure of High Entropy Alloy (Fe20Mn20Ni20Co20Cr20) Deformed Micro-pillars
Structure and Mechanical Properties of Fe40Mn28Ni32-xCrx Alloys with Different Cr Content
Structure and Mechanical Properties of the AlNbTiVCrx (x = 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5) High Entropy Alloys
Structure Evolution during Cooling of Al0.1CrCuFeMnNi High-entropy Alloy
Structure Factors of FCC High Entropy Alloys Governing Mechanical-physical Uniqueness
Tailoring the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a CoCrFeNi High Entropy Alloy by Supercooling Method
Tensile Properties of Refractory High-entropy HfNbTaTiZr Alloy
The Role of Extreme Compositional on the Physical Properties of High Entropy Alloy
The Structure and Mechanical Behavior of High-Entropy FeNiMnAlTi Alloys
The Use of Diffusion Multiples to Explore the Phase Equilibria, Diffusion, and Nano-Mechanical Behavior of CoCrFeMnNi High Entropy Alloys
Theory of Strengthening in FCC High Entropy Alloys
Thermally Activated Processes in a Crystal Plasticity Model for Deformation in Equiatomic Alloys
Thermodynamics of High Entropy Alloys
Thin Film Approach to Optimize Structure and Composition of High Entropy Alloys
Trace Elements and Processing of High Entropy Alloys
Vacancy Formation and Migration Energy of High Entropy Alloy

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