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Meeting 2017 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium The Science of Melt Refining: An LMD Symposium in Honor of Christian Simensen and Thorvald Abel Engh
Presentation Title Understanding of Interactions between Pyrolysis Gases and Liquid Aluminum and Their Impact on Dross Formation
Author(s) Regina Dittrich, Bernd Friedrich, Georg Rombach, Jan Steglich, Anne Pichat
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Regina Dittrich
Abstract Scope Organic contaminated aluminum scraps have to be recycled in an economical, effective and ecological way. It is state of the art to remove organic coating by thermal pre-treatment under reduced oxygen atmosphere, which can be achieved in multi chamber furnaces. If the organic coating is not removed completely during pre-treatment, gasification can continue while the scrap is submerged into the melt. Subsequently, undesirable gas-melt reactions cause an increase of dross formation and a decrease of metal recovery. This work aims to improve the understanding of interactions between pyrolysis gases and liquid aluminum to reduce oxidation losses. Experiments were performed in a lab-scale furnace with injection of pyrolysis gases into molten aluminum. Thermochemical calculations, off-gas analytics and dross structure analysis were performed to support the evaluation of the experimental findings. The paper presents qualitative and quantitative results on the impact of reactive gases on oxidation of aluminum melts.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: Light Metals


A Holistic Approach to Molten Metal Cleanliness
Developments in Inclusion Removal Technology
Effects of 2 ppm Beryllium on the Oxidation of a 5XXX Aluminum Alloy at Temperatures between 500 C and 750 C
Modelling of Hydrogen Removal in Gas Fluxing of Molten Aluminium
Overview of Ultrasonic Degassing Development
Oxide Skin Strength on Molten AA5XXX Aluminum Alloy – Effect of Beryllium and Alternatives
Results of Trials with a Multi Stage Filtration System Employing a Cyclone
The Contributions of Thorvald Engh and Christian Simensen to the Science of Melt Refining
The Fundamentals of Forming Microbubbles in Liquid Metal Systems
The Use of Nitrogen to Degas Molten Aluminium - Comparison of Metallurgical Results with Argon and Nitrogen Used in an ACD™
Understanding of Interactions between Pyrolysis Gases and Liquid Aluminum and Their Impact on Dross Formation

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