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Meeting 2016 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Magnesium-based Biodegradable Implants
Presentation Title Monitoring Biodegradation of Magnesium Implants with Sensors
Author(s) Daoli Zhao, Tingting Wang, Xuefei Guo, Julia Kuhlmann, Amos Doepke, Zhongyun Dong, Vesselin Shanov, William R Heineman
On-Site Speaker (Planned) William R Heineman
Abstract Scope Magnesium and its alloys exhibit properties such as high strength, light weight, and in vivo corrosion that make them promising candidates for the development of biodegradable metallic implant materials for bone repair, stents and other medical applications. Sensors have been used to monitor the corrosion of magnesium and its alloys by measuring the concentrations of corrosion products magnesium ion, hydroxyl ion and hydrogen gas. A hydrogen gas sensor was used to monitor the corrosion of magnesium by measuring the concentration of the hydrogen gas reaction product. The high permeability of hydrogen through skin allows transdermal monitoring of the biodegradation of an alloy implanted beneath the skin by detecting hydrogen gas at the skin surface. The sensor was used to map hydrogen concentration in the vicinity of an implanted magnesium alloy. The level of hydrogen detected correlated with the corrosion rate of the implanted sample.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: A combination print-CD volume


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