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Meeting 2017 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium The John Cahn Memorial Symposium
Presentation Title Phase Transition and Anomalous Diffusion in Metastable β Ti-Mo
Author(s) Srinivasan Gopalan Srivilliputhur, Niraj Gupta, Srikumar Banerjee
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Srinivasan Gopalan Srivilliputhur
Abstract Scope Dr. John Cahn made seminal contributions to structural phase transformations that are ubiquitous in nature and fundamental to modern materials science. For example, the nature of ω phase formation and its subsequent transformation to the thermodynamically stable α phase upon annealing has been extensively studied experimentally for over 50 years using many of the fundamental principles discovered by Dr. Cahn. Yet, several significant questions about the atomistic mechanisms remain. In this tribute to him we present our results on the formation of hexagonal omega phase at the nanoscale by quenching prototypical beta titanium-molybdenum binary alloys. We address the following important questions using ab-initio methods: (i) How does an optimum level of molybdenum stabilize the ω phase? Can ω transform to the α-phase in the crystal bulk or only at high-energy regions such as grain boundaries. Furthermore, can atomic configurations within ω particles act as embryos for nucleation of the α phase? (ii) Experiments reveal that many ω forming alloys exhibit anomalous (non-Arrhenius) diffusion behavior. What is the atomistic mechanism responsible for such anomalous diffusion? Importantly, how does temperature and concentration of beta stabilizing elements influence anomalous diffusion? (* Funded by the National Science Foundation)
Proceedings Inclusion? Undecided


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