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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2013
Symposium Magnesium Technology
Presentation Title Influence of Initial Texture on Mechanical Response of AZ31B and ZEK100 Mg Sheets
Author(s) Srihari Kurukuri, Michael Worswick, Raja Mishra, Jon Carter
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Srihari Kurukuri
Abstract Scope In this work the mechanical response of a rare-earth ZEK100 Mg sheet is compared with that of AZ31B, over range of strain rates. The weakened basal texture of ZEK100 compared to AZ31B, leads to increased ductility; however, a strong orientation dependency persists. Another striking feature of ZEK100 sheet is significant dependency of the rate-sensitivity on orientation. When testing in the RD, the rate sensitivity in ZEK100 is accompanied by significant changes in yield strength, but has a relatively mild effect on work hardening rate, like a bcc alloy. Along the TD, the rate sensitivity is not accompanied by any changes in early yield response, while the hardening rate increases significantly with strain rate much like an fcc alloy. AZ31B sheet shows moderate in-plane anisotropy and rate-sensitivity. The cause of in-plane anisotropy and orientation dependent rate-sensitivity of ZEK100 sheet could be attributed to the initial crystallographic texture and the active deformation mechanisms.
Proceedings Inclusion? Definite: A CD-only volume


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