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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2012
Symposium Failure Analysis and Prevention
Presentation Title Fatigue Fractures of General Aviation Aircraft Wings
Author(s) Joe Epperson
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Joe Epperson
Abstract Scope The fatigue life of main wing spars on general aviation airplanes is greatly affected by low-altitude flying, such as in pipeline patrol, commuter, and aerial survey and photography operations. This presentation summarizes several case studies involving fatigue fractures in main wing spars. Micrographs of interesting fractographic features are shown and discussed to reveal how certain aircraft operations and service duty hours combine to influence the structural integrity of main wing spars.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned:


A Boatig Accident Caused by the Brittle Fracture of a Zinc Alloy Die Casting.
A Metallography-Based Examination of Inadvertent Diffusion Bonding During Heat Treatment
A Probabilistic Approach to Modeling Fatigue Life Variation
A Wear Model Dedicated to the Estimates of the Overall Lifetime of Profiled Power Screw Drives
An Analysis of the Main Shaft Failure of an Impact Stones Crusher
Analysis of Geometric and Test-Method Effects on the Fatigue Life Behavior of Titanium 6Al-4V
Analysis of Several Aircraft Engine Turbine Blade Failures
Butterfly Martensite in Rolling Bearings
Case Histories of Monotonic Overload Fractures in Metals
Challenges Associated with Replacing Metal with Plastic
Characterization of Breaks in Creep Resistant Feeding Grid Links in the Cement Industry
Concentrators and Stress Concentration Effect on Industrial Components
Diagnosing and Avoiding a Common Failure Mode of Cold Headed Fasteners
Differentiating Failure Mechanisms in Polymers by Fractography
Do Wiredrawing Dies Have Fingerprints?
Electrical Fluting Failure of a Tri-Lobe Roller Bearing
Embrittlement of Forging Brass Components Due to Microstructural Defects
Environmental Stress Cracking Failures in Plastics: Case Studies and Fractography
Failure Analysis of a Cracked Thermite Welded Rail Section
Failure Analysis of a High Speed Spiral Bevel Gear in CTA Reactor of Shahid Tondgoyan Petrochemical Co
Failure Analysis of a Large Spincaster (and Why a Fracture is Not an Explosion)
Failure Analysis of a Wire Rope from an Amusement Park Ride - Part 1 - Background
Failure Analysis of a Wire Rope from an Amusement Park Ride - Part 2 - Accident and On-Site Investigation
Failure Analysis of a Wire Rope from an Amusement Park Ride - Part 3 - Laboratory Analysis
Failure of a Fan Hub Blade Made of an A713 Al-Zn Alloy
Failure of Blast Furnace Fuel Injection Lances Via Sulfur-Induced Hot Corrosion
Fatigue Failure Mechanisms, Associated Fracture Morphologies, and Life Prediction in a Ni-Base Superalloy
Fatigue Fractures of General Aviation Aircraft Wings
Forensic Investigation of the Deepwater Horizon Blowout Preventer
Fractographic Evidence of Fatigue in Polymers
Fractography of Unfilled Thermoplastic Materials Subjected to Common Mechanical Failure Modes
Fretting Corrosion Induced Fracture of a Floating Bearing Base Plate in a 250 Tons Yankee Paper Drum
Materials Are Often More Reliable Than People
Metallographic Analysis of Thread Damage in Iron Alloy Components
Metallographic Study of Corroded Music Wire Springs
Metallurgical Analysis of a Failed Limb Salvage Prosthesis
Microscopic Characterization of CPVC Failure Modes
Overload Fracture of an Expansion Anchor Bolt
Pipeline Rupture: Review of Common Metallurgical Failure Mechanisms
Preventing and Investigating Broken Rails in Today’s Railroad Environment
Product Failure Analysis Using Mass Spectroscopy and GPC
PVC Water Line Failure Analysis
Rail Road Freight Car Vertical Split Rim Wheel Failures
Root Cause Analysis of Failed Capacitors and the Capacitor Plague
Sample Preservation, Collection, Cleaning and Storage as a Root Cause in Failure Analysis
Sensitivity of Fatigue Properties of P/M Supersolvus IN100 Due to Moderate Changes in Temperatures
Sigma Phase Embrittlement of a Boiler Tube Lug
Slow Crack Growth Failures in Polymers
The Collapse of the World Trade Center Twin Towers - A Metallurgist's View
The Effects of Microstructural Heterogeneity on Fatigue Behavior of a Duplex α + β Titanium Alloy, Ti-6246
The Yahoo Groups Root Cause Forum: A 12 Year Retrospective or a Search to Understand What It Is about Humans That Leads Us to, Past, and through Failure
TWA 800 What Really Happened.
Using Service Experience to Prevent Future Failures

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