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Meeting 2016 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium 7th International Symposium on High Temperature Metallurgical Processing
Presentation Title Solar-driven Carbothermal Zinc Recycling
Author(s) Nikolaos Tzouganatos, Christian Wieckert, Aldo Steinfeld
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Nikolaos Tzouganatos
Abstract Scope Waelz oxide (WOX) is produced in the dominating Zn recycling process, the so called Waelz process, and contains 55-65% Zn in oxidic form. After its dehalogenation by washing, washed WOX is used as a feedstock along with ZnS concentrates for the electrolytic production of primary Zn. In the present study, environmentally cleaner process routes for the purification of crude WOX and the production of Zn were experimentally demonstrated using a 10 kWth packed-bed solar reactor subjected to concentrated solar radiation. Solar-driven purification of WOX at above 1265°C reduced the amount of Cl- and Pb-compounds below 0.1 wt.%. Solar-driven carbothermal reduction using biocharcoal as the reducing agent at temperatures up to 1170 1320oC and ZnO:C molar ratios between 1:0.8 and 1:1.25 yielded 90 wt.% Zn. A dynamic reactor model coupling heat transfer with the reaction kinetics was used to predict the reactor performance and optimize the solar reactor configuration.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: A print-only volume


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Chemical, Physical and Morphological Changes of Sintering Dust by Mechanical Activation
Cohering Behavior of Scrap Powder in Kiln by a Novel Natural Stacking Method
Composition Modification of ZnO Containing Fayalite Slag from Secondary Source Copper Smelting
Computer Simulation of Copper Smelting with FCS Slags
Development of Reliable Viscosity Model for Iron Silicate Slags
Direct Electrolytic Production of Mo-Si-Ti-C Composites from their Oxides/Sulfide/Carbon Mixture Precursor in Molten Salt
Dynamic Thermal Simulation Study of Copper Slag Dilution under Direct Current Field
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Effect of Oxidation on Wetting Behavior between Silicon and Silicaon Carbide
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Effects of Mineral Oxides on the Precipitation Micro-morphology of Metallic Iron in the Reduction of Iron Oxides under CO Atmosphere
Enhancing the Removal of Sodium and Potassium of Sinter by CO-Containing Flue Gas Circulation Sintering Process
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Evaporation Kinetics of Tramp Elements in Liquid Steel
Experiment Research on Direct Reduction of Celestine by Rotary Hearth Furnace Process
Experimental Study on Effect of Microstructures of Nb-V-Ti Microalloy Slabs on Direct Charging Cracks
Experimental Study on Iron-based Alloy as Cladding Layer—Improving High Temperature Oxidation Resistance of Furnace Alloy
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Heat Losses to Furnace Coolers as a Function of Process Intensity
Heat Transfer Property of Gas Jet Cooling in Confined Nozzle
Influence of Operation Parameters on Mass Fraction of Sulfur in the Hot Metal in COREX Process
Influence of Operation Parameters on Sticking Behavior of Pellet in COREX Shaft Furnace
Influence of Slag Basicity on the Silicon within the Stainless Steel Master Alloy Prepared by Smelting Reduction of Fe-Ni-Cr Sinters
Investigation of Coal Tar Pitch Binder for the Production of Formed Coal Briquettes for COREX from High Volatile Coal Powder
Kinetic Investigation of the Electric Furnace Copper Slag Treatment
Kinetic Study on the Pyrolysis of Low Grade Coals
KK-10: Research on the Influence of Specific Cooling Area of Cooling Stave in Blast Furnace Heat Transfer System
KK-11: Studying on Softening and Melting Behavior of Lump Ore in Blast Furnace
KK-12: Study on Compressive Strength of Coke after Gasified with CO2 and Steam
KK-13: Indirect Experimental Study on the Oxidation of Hot Metal Bearing Vanadium and Chromium
KK-14: Effect of Different Cooling System on the Solidification of the Sinters
KK-1: Central Segregation of High-carbon Steel Billet and Its Heredity to the Hot-rolled Wire Rods
KK-2: Effect of CaO/SiO2 on the Crystallization Behavior of Blast Furnace Slag
KK-3: Effect of CaO/SiO2 and P2O5 on the Viscosity of FeO-SiO2-V2O3-CaO-P2O5 Slags
KK-4: A Review of Microwave Treatment on Coal
KK-5: Influence of CaO on Non-isothermal Crystallization Kinetics of Vanadium Spinel in Vanadium Slag
KK-6: Recent Research Progress and Application Status of Cooling Stave in China
KK-7: Recovery of Nickel and Copper from Polymetallic Sulfide Concentrate through Salt Roasting Using NH4Cl
KK-8: Reflux Reaction Behavior of Phosphorus under Non-equilibrium Condition of Casting Ladle between Slag and Hot Metal
KK-9: Reduction Behavior of Magnetite Pellets by CO-CO2 Mixtures Using Direct Reduction Process
Mechanisms of Strengthening the Reduction of Fine Hematite in High Silicon Coal-contianing Mini-pellets by Sodium Additives
Microstructure and Texture Evolution of Different High Manganese Cast Steels during Hot Deformation and Subsequent Treatment
Microwave Heating of Waste Tires
Microwave Melting of High Carbon Ferromanganese Fines
Microwave Reduction of Sulfide Minerals within Peridotite Rock
Microwave Thermal Prereduction with Carbon and Leaching of Chromite Ore Fines
New EAF Dust Treatment Process by Lime Addition and Ammonia-Leaching
Numerical Modeling of Microwave Heating an Iron Oxide in the Muti-mode Furnace
Online Temperature Measurement System for Process Control and Endpoint Detection
Origin and Evolution of Non-metallic Inclusions for Al-killed Steel during EAF-LF-VD-CC Process
Oxygen-rich Side Blow Bath Smelting Technology – History and New Developments in China
Performance Monitoring of Grate-kiln-cooler Process Based on Quality Prediction and Statistical Analysis
Preliminary Study on Preparation of Al-Sc Master Alloy in Na3AlF6-K3AlF6-AlF3 Melt
Preparation and Microstructure of Al-Sc-Zr Alloys Using Electrolysis Method in Cryolite Based Molten Salt
Preparation of High-quality Titanium-rich Material from Titanium Slag with High Ca and Mg Content by Activation Roasting Process
Preparation of TiC from Titanium Bearing Blast Furnace Slag By Carbothermal Reduction in Vacuum
Preparing Silicide Layers on Metallic Substrates Using Molten Oxide Electrolysis
Production of FeMn Alloys with Heat Treated Mn-nodules
Production of ZrB2-B4C Composite Materials VIA SHS Process
Recovery of Powdered Metallic Iron from Ludwigite Ore via Reductive Roasting with Sodium Salts-Magnetic Separation
Reduction Behavior of Chromic Oxide in Ti –bearing BF Slag
Reduction Kinetics of Hematite Concentrate Particles by CO+H2 Mixture Relevant to a Novel Flash Ironmaking Process
Reduction Kinetics of Magnetite Concentrate Particles with H2 + CO at 1200 to 1600 °C Relevant to a Novel Ironmaking Process
Reinforcement of Self-reducing Pellets Elaborated with Cement with Cellulose Waste
Relationship between Coking Properties of Lump Coal and its Pulverization in COREX Process
Removal of Iron Impurity from Zinc Calcine after Magnetization Roasting
Research on Enrichment of MFe and RO Phase from Converter Steel Slag by Super Gravity
Research on Leaching of Zinc Sulfide Ores through Synergistic Coordination
Research on Microwave Roasting of ZnO and Application in Photocatalysis
Research on Recovering Iron Oxide from the Iron, Tin-bearing Tailings
Ringing Mechanism and Prevention of Ringing in Kiln
Salt Roasting of Nickel Sulfide Concentrate Using KCl
Selective Reduction of TiO2-SiO2 in the Preparation of Titanium Oxycarbide through Carbothermal Reduction of Titanium Raw Materials
Separation of Rhenium and Molybdenum from Molybdenite Concentrate by Microwave-Assisted Roasting
Simulation of Solidification Microstructure of 30Cr2Ni4MoV Steel Ingot under Different Intensities of Mechanical Oscillation Condition
Sintering Test Research of High Proportion Limonite
Smelting Reduction of Bottom Ash in Presence of Liquid Iron Bath for Recovery of Aluminium
SO3 Formation in Copper Smelting Process: Thermodynamic Consideration
Solar-driven Carbothermal Zinc Recycling
Study of SnO2 Transparent Conductive Films were Produced by Ultrasonic Spray and Microwave Pyrolysis
Study on Preparation of Activated Carbon from Hawaii Nut Shell via Steam Physical Activation
Study on the Iron Resource Recovery in Nickel Slag by Melting Oxidation Roasting Process
Study on the Properties and Damage Analysis on the Lining Used in Cooling Section of Coke Dry Quench Furnaces
The Dynamic Dissolution of Coke with Slag in Melting and Dropping Zone
The Electrochemical Synthesis of TiC Reinforced Fe Based Composite Powder from Titanium-rich Slag
The Extraction of Zinc from Willemite by Calcified-roasting and Ammonia-leaching Process Based on Phase Reconstruction
The Preheating and Roasting Properties of Fluorine-bearing Iron Concentrate Pellets and Main Influence Factors
Thermodynamic Analysis and Experiments on Vacuum Separation of Sn-Sb Alloy
Thermogravimetric Analysis of Coal Used in Rotary Kiln of Iron Ore Oxide Pellet
Upgrading of Iron-rich Titanium Ores using a Molten Salt Process
Utilization of Pine Nut Shell for Preparation of High Surface Area Activated Carbon by Microwave Heating and KOH Activation
Viscosity of Partially Crystallized BOF Slag
Viscous and Crystallization Characteristics of CaO-SiO2-MgO-Al2O3-FetO-P2O5-(CaF2) Steelmaking Slags
Volatilization of Rhenium from Molybdenite Concentrate by Oxidative Roasting
Zinc and Refractories – A Nasty Relation

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