Title In Situ Measurement of Heavy-ion-irradiation-induced Plastic Flow of Amorphous CuTiAg Micropillars
Author(s) Sezer Ozerinc1; Robert S. Averback1; William P. King1; 1University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

We report quantitative in-situ measurements of irradiation-induced creep deformation under heavy-ion irradiation. Cu56Ti38Ag6 amorphous micropillars of 700 nm diameter and 2 μm height were irradiated with 2.3 MeV Ne+ ions under uniaxial compression at room temperature. Amorphous samples were prepared by ball milling and subsequent hot compression; and micropillars were milled by focused ion beam. The in-situ tests were performed by utilizing a custom setup that consists of a microfabricated silicon beam force sensor, an interferometric laser sensor, and a nanopositioner. The silicon beam provided the applied force. The stress and strain on the micropillar was calculated from the laser sensor measurement of silicon beam deflection, the nanopositioner position, and the calibrated silicon beam spring constant. The applied stress in the range 10-100 MPa resulted in Newtonian flow. The measured radiation-induced fluidity values are in good agreement with the previous molecular dynamics simulation result of 3×10-9 Pa-1dpa-1.

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Symposium Accelerated Materials Evaluation for Nuclear Application Utilizing Test Reactors, Ion Beam Facilities and Modeling
Organizer(s) Peter Hosemann, UC Berkeley; Julie D. Tucker, Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory; James I Cole, Idaho National Laboratory; Todd R. Allen, University of Wisconsin-Madison;
Session Ion Beam Irradiation and Advanced Characterization Techniques
Session Chair(s) James Cole, Idaho National Laboratory;
Date 02/17/2014
Time 4:20 PM - 4:40 PM
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